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Most, although not all Elks Chips (indicated by B.P.O.E) have common reverses. I do not show those sides and do not note that they have common backs.

Dates that are noted are the dates of delivery. Sources are either from The Gaming Table, The Chip Guide, The Official U.S. Casino Chip Price Guide or as noted by Rich Hanover, Robert Eisenstadt or from information obtained on purchase. When this project is completed, links will be provided to other traders and sellers. Some chips are coded and are referenced in Dale Seymour's book Antique Gaming Chips. 
NOTE: My Las Vegas and Nevada chips each contain a Chip Rack number. The numbers were based on earlier TCR editions. At some point the authors changed the numbering system. It is too labor intensified for me to make changes to the new numbers. As a result my numbers are no longer current.

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  • Sands: SAN
  • Showboat: SHO
  • Tropicana: TRO
  • Tropworld: TWD
  • Trump Castle: CAS
  • Trump Plaza: TPP
  • Trump Taj Mahal: TAJ
  • Bally Grand: BAG
  • Boardwalk Regency: BOA
  • Borgata: BOR
  • The Brighton: BRI
  • Caesars: CAE
  • Claridge (Hi-Ho, Del Webb's): CLA
  • Golden Nugget: GOL

Elks Chips

Comments on Atlantic City Chips

Comments on Crest & Seal Chips

Hello, I am Travis of Trav's Trail have been collecting chips since 1975. My long suffering kids helped as we wandered through outdoor and indoor shows. I paid them (and my nephews) 25 cents to find them, and double that if I bought. I started with clay composition chips; added a few ivories; then discovered casino and club chips after visiting with Allan Myers and Dale Seymour.
I have over a hundred thousand chips and specialize in illegals, Nevada, California, A.C., South Dakota (my former home), Ivories, crest & seal and whatever anyone donates to me. Enjoy the site!
Contact me at for any questions or inquiries.

     See Rich Hanover's home page for the definition of Crest & Seal chips: www.oldpokerchips.comRich consider only inlay lithos that have been sealed (either with celluloid or plastic) without a mold design. I have included a few of my chips in which the inlay appears to have been sealed but which have mold designs. 


  • Harrah's: HAR
  • ​Harrah's at Trump Plaza: HTP
  • Hilton Atlantic City: HAC
  • Hilton: HIL
  • ​Park Place: BPP
  • ​Playboy: PLA
  • ​Resorts International: RES

​Illegal AC are found in "Illegals"


Duplicates for Sale or Trade

Where I have more than one of a particular chip, I indicate with "Duplicates". Prices are not listed, just simply contact me regarding trading and buying of duplicate chips 

Buying Chips


     Another type of chip that I included is called "Machined". These chips are like little records. I have indicated that these are not Crest & Seal chips. In addition, I have included plain mold "Die Cut" chips. See Eisenstadt's home page for illustrations and description of these chips: Ivory and Crest & Seal chips are expensive, some selling for $250 or more.

The Atlantic City chip links are listed by the codes given by Archie Black. See his home page: 

The link codes are: