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Antique & Gaming Poker Chips

and as found in the Crest  & Seals the Florida Palm chips which have been used by one or more unlicensed gaming clubs are among the most beautiful and desirable antique gaming chips.Type your paragraph here.

3 Leaf Clover (PL-CE)

PL-NZ (Cactus) 

PL-PH (Machined) 

Plant chips run the gamut from attractive flowers to simple wreaths. Here are some samples:  

4 Leaf Clover (PL-CV)

Persons interested in buying, selling or trading chips should contact me and I will send them a printed list of my chips with traders.

Rosebud (PL-HV)

 Maple Leaf (PL-ME) 

ANTIQUE Chips - Plants


SAMPLE PLANT CHIPS.  The first design chip was given to me by a member of a small stakes poker club. He had a set of plane clay chips save for one--an old used blue Lily (SEYMOUR CODE PL-ETvar).

Acorn (PL-AO)