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ANTIQUE Chips - Adverting

Seymour has two groups of advertising chips:

1) general advertising; and 2) gaming or chip advertising. 

Some of my favorite chips are found in the first group.


Several advertising pieces are found in the Section on Crest & Seal:   

NON-GAMING ADVERTISING PIECES                                               

DUPLICATES:Amarillo Metals (all colors; metal chips); PY-DZ Buy Gents Shoes (Paper); PY-CN  (CLIMAX); PY-DZ Dunbar Gents Shoes (Paper); Durkin's Margerin (plastic); PY-GR H.W. JOHN'S ASBESTOS (A 1000 Island company; chips are embossed and products named; I have a few other duplicates. Contact me. PY-LI Lithia Beer (paper); PY-OS Chief Oshkosh (paper); PY-PW (Piper Heidszick); PY-QP Pullman (SEE CREST & SEALS); PY-PO Drink Rose Valley; spaulding Fiber (fiber chips); PY-ST Stackleberg Cigars; PY-WA (Walker's  American Bourbon); PY-WK (Walker's Canadian Club; PY-WN (Walker's Father Time); PY-WR (Walker's Mountain Ridge); PY-ZF World's Fair (paper.

CHIPCO makes the most beautiful modern chip.

The Bud Jones Company was a prominent American chip maker.   

In 2001 Bud Jones died and the B&G firm bought the company. In 2002 it merged with Paullson to become the world's largest manufacurer of gaming chips. The story can be found at where David Spragg's article on the company can be found.
Paulson's chip:   

Paulson & Co. was the world's lalrgest maker of poker chips and the story can be found in David Spragg's site above.  A site for ordering Paulson chips;
A sample chip from SHUFFLE MASTER, maker of gaming devices and games:


Four new chips: (Un-coded): 


A & W ROOT BEER. A recent find:

Another recent find: