Trav's Trail

Antique & Gaming Poker Chips

MISCELLANEOUS CHIPS. Some of the most interesting designs are found in this section. Several are found in Crest Seals such as the blue flag chip shown. The code letters (PM-) are from Seymour, Antique Gaming Chips. 


DUPLICATES: PM-AZ (Engraved Anchor); PM-BD (Embossed Anchor); AM-BF (Embossed Anchor, low relief); PM-BT (Anchor & Shells); PM-DN (Crown);  PM-DX (Crown); PM-EG (Maltese Cross); PM-FJ (Prince of Wales - NOTE: there are many varients of this design); PM-FT (Prince of Wales--lithograph); PM-GN (Flag--45 stars); PM-GT (Flag, 30 stars); PM-GZ (Flag, narrow staff); PM-JE (Lighthouse, stairs right);  PM-KK (Go way Back).

Also in my Miscellaneous collection are chips that have not been coded. Here are some chips from Uruguay. They may have been used in a casino (especially the CF/Whale (F/C?).

                                This chip is celluloid.