MISCELLANEOUS CHIPS. Some of the most interesting designs are found in this section. Several are found in Crest Seals such as the blue flag chip shown. The code letters (PM-) are from Seymour, Antique Gaming Chips. 


DUPLICATES: PM-AZ (Engraved Anchor); PM-BD (Embossed Anchor); AM-BF (Embossed Anchor, low relief); PM-BT (Anchor & Shells); PM-DN (Crown);  PM-DX (Crown); PM-EG (Maltese Cross); PM-FJ (Prince of Wales - NOTE: there are many varients of this design); PM-FT (Prince of Wales--lithograph); PM-GN (Flag--45 stars); PM-GT (Flag, 30 stars); PM-GZ (Flag, narrow staff); PM-JE (Lighthouse, stairs right);  PM-KK (Go way Back).

Also in my Miscellaneous collection are chips that have not been coded. Here are some chips from Uruguay. They may have been used in a casino (especially the CF/Whale (F/C?).

                                This chip is celluloid. 


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