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ANTIQUE Chips - Sport

SPORTS. Not a large number of chips but some interesting designs. See Crest & Seals for other sporting chips including the following:   

the Huner, (not a Crest & Seal chip)

Sport of Kings (formerly called "paste ons"--this chip was not "sealed")

the Sportsman (with or without the cigarette burnk, one of the rarest of Crest & Seal chips)

The remainder of the chips are engraved (not shown are the embossed Sports chips).
BA-AB (Baseball)         PS-AH (Outfielder)          PS-BN (Boxer)   

 PS-CG (Golf)        PS-DS (Fishing & Hunting)    PS-EJ (Hunting dog)   

PS-FE (Equestrian)   PS-TK (Very early 19th Century chip) 

 PS-WA   (This chip could have been classified under Plants or Miscellaneous)

PS-YT (Tennis)