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ANTIQUE Chips - Transport

TRANSPORTION CHIPS. This is the smallest SEYMOUR Category. Samples of Transportation chips follow. 
PT-AD   (West Yellowston; Stage Coach Innn).       PT-AK (Body by Fisher)   

PT-EM (Sailing Ship)   

See Crest & Seals for other colors of these chips. Embossed chips in this category are very common:

PT-AT        and         PT-EH   

As common as those two chips are the following two are very uncommon: 

PT-FN       and         PT-EW   

I nearly didn't find my first PT-FN when as I was looking over a dirty set of 200 plane clay chips that I paid $2 for at a flea market, I thought I saw a dim inked mark on one chip; it turned out to be the PT-FN. I  still have it though later was able to add the one above which at least can be seen. 

Another nice ship design: PT-ED            Transportation chips go from bikes PT-CL


and    PT-CH   to         cars PT-AD   to     planes PT-BK   to PT-RR