Inlay chips carry SEYMOUR CODES PW-. They are some of the most colorful of gaming chips and are the most numerous of chips in SEYMOUR's categories.

There is evidence that some illegal clubs used sets of inlays as roulette chips.
One of the most popular and mis-identified inlay is the swastika design: "PW-SW.   Some claim that they were produced in Nazi Germany. I first bought a dozen of the inlays from a man in Lousiana who said (and probably accurately) that the chips were from a set his cousin had brought back from Bremerhaven, Germany  in 1938. Others have also claimed they were Nazi chips. They were however manufactured only in the United States by the U. S. Playing Card Company which took them off the market after Nazi Germany came into being. See SEYMOUR'S Antique Gaming Chips.

I have many chips with the swastika design and at one time had an unused set of 400 which I wanted to use in my home games. However, several members of my poker club would not play with them. They knew that the chips were made many years before Nazi German came into being but the symbol was offensive. As a result I sold my set keeping only a few samples. 

Other samples of my Inlay chips include:  PW-AD  PW-BW  PW-KQ

Some are very colorful like PW-JK: . And some are beautiful  as this Florida Palm chip which SEYMOUR classifies under the PLANTS category and which is an inlay found in my Crest & Seal section.  Also see HANOVER:

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