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Antique & Gaming Poker Chips

The following is a list of Collectors' Home Pages and pages
Rich Hanover's home page (Hanover has the largest collection of Crest & Seal chips as well as a very large collection of ivory chips.)
Robert Eisenstadt's home page (Contains valuable information on gaming chip including chip molds as well as a selection of chips for sale:
Richard Staeffler' s California Card Room chips:
The Chip Board: (This site has numerous links including links to the Chip Collector's Club:
David Spragg's home page (Containing chip information as well as chips for sale):
Home page for chip sales:
Ed Norris's home page (Chips wanted and chips for sale):
Jeff Buckner's home page (Chips for sale & links to other collectors home pages):
Allan Banick's Colorado Chip Exchange (Specializing in Colorado Chips but with other chips as well):
Ricky Pushkin's (Specializing in A.C. chips) (domain is listed for sale)

Other Collectors