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Silver Strike Tokens

I have about 125 Silver Strike Tokens. I'm not really a Silver Strike collector but couldn't resist playing the machines and taking them home as souvenirs. Few machines, if any, remain in Vegas due to problems of maintenance. The machines (even the newer ones broke down frequently so despite the fact that they must have provided a good profit to the casinos (many, like me, did not return them for cash) most L.V. casinos have discontinued them. The last remaining L..V. casinos of which I am aware that still have the machines are the El Cortez,  Mirage and Sam's Town.  See the Silver Strike home page: Another interesting site  is

Here are a few samples of my "collection." EXCALIBUR:
 MGM sample: NEW YORK NEW YORK (one of the newer tokens)
THE ORLEANS: SLOTS A FUN: Not perhaps very interesting but it was my first Silver Strike Token.

My collection is available for sale. Interested persons should send an e-mail to